Maybe I don’t need to rush into the Cloud

The Cloud is everywhere it seems. And this is okay. There are times where it is so useful! For example, I love Rackspace.

Recently though, I’ve been thinking about where everything is going, how everything “needs” to be in the cloud. Specifically, music and files. The problem is, these services are not guarantees, so to “be safe” a user would want to have there data in several places. Have pictures on Flickr? Use the API to mirror it to a privately hosted site. Data? Better schedule to pull it down occasionally in case of an issue with the company.

Then, I had an “ah ha!” moment. The cloud is great, but if you want access to files,pictures, music, etc everywhere, isn’t it easier to use a USB flash drive? I realize it isn’t the new hotness, but it kind of does the job pretty well. I’m not saying the Cloud doesn’t have it’s uses. But maybe remember the modest USB flash drive, and what it can do.

Network connectivity issues, a baby, and books

I have spent all day at work troubleshooting a network issue on my machine. Finally have it working, though my method of fixing it isn’t exactly the best.

So frustrating to lose an entire day to a problem like this.

And tomorrow, a large portion of my day will be spent moving to a new cubicle. Doh! Well, maybe next week I can get some things done here at work.

Regarding personal projects, they are at a standstill at a moment. The arrival of our little boy A has been wonderful. It also requires a lot of work! It’s a delight to be with him, and watch him observe more of the world around him. The pooey diapers are just a bonus.

I have been doing a little reading. I finally got around to reading “I, Robot” by Isaac Asminov, and I enjoyed it. Encourages me to work on my short stories, since that is mostly what that book is comprised of. Just because it’s short doesn’t mean it isn’t worth doing!

Now I started “Atlas Shrugged” by Ayn Rand. About 60 pages in, and it’s making me want to play Transport Tycoon. Also, there are portions of her philosophy that I can agree with.