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Sweden to give tax breaks for repairs

The Swedish government is introducing tax breaks on repairs to everything from bicycles to washing machines so it will no longer make sense to throw out old or broken items and buy new ones.

Source: Article on The Guardian

This is such a great idea! It could be a challenge since some appliances are designed to be throw-a-way, but maybe incentives like this for repair could help some new manufacturers spring up and make some appliances designed to be repaired.

Some men want to watch the world burn.

I come into work today, and I see these in the break room.

Yay Donuts!

Yay Donuts!

Then, tragedy strikes.

Waait a sec..

Waait a sec..


Working at Dark Horse Comics

After a great time working with the most excellent Ben and Blake at The Canary Collective since 2013, I’ve moved to a Senior Developer position at Dark Horse Comics. I started last Monday.

It’s been a great experience so far! Besides the fact that employees receive large stacks of comics just because, the rest of the devs and staff are pretty great. The stack is really impressive, self hosted openstack installation with a large number of servers to serve up all the digital comic content. Also I’m being introduced to monitoring and alerting tools I wasn’t aware of like New Relic, Sentry, etc. It’s good stuff. They also believe in cross-training, so I get to pair program with people in the team who use entirely different programming languages. It is awesome and I’m excited to grow my knowledge base.

Having a commute has been a nice change too actually. It gives me time to decompress before arriving home with the family, so I can be more present and not thinking about work elements so much.

All in all, very happy. 🙂


Best question I’ve ever seen

Today I came across the best question I’ve ever seen:

Would a mermaid be kosher?

The fascinating part is this issue was addressed before the year 200AD.

Lot’s of progress today on Nickelpinch while the kids napped. I am about 2 hours away from it being at v1.0.0 and I am super excited to use it.

Once it’s working I’ll be revamping the http://www.nickelpinch.org page with up to date info. Stay tuned!


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