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Woke up this morning and everyone in my family is sick, including me. Definitely taking a sick day.

Why would I type 10 characters in my console when I could simply hit the up arrow key ~30 times instead?

Paperwork organization time

People who know me, know how excited I am with all this:


I am going to have sections for all our various papers / bills. So excited!

I have about 9 things I am excited to work on. It’s hard to choose which one to focus on at a time. Does anyone else feel like this sometimes? I’m going to try focusing on no more than 2 in a week.

The kids just got over an ear infection (Atlas) and walking pneumonia (Freyja) and yet seven days after their antibiotics are gone, now that both have coughs. Atlas’ sounds fairly croupy too. 🙁

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