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Jun 13th 2019

I took a Raspberry Pi 3 B+, slapped in a SanDisk A2 128GB MicroSD card and loaded up RetroPie on it. Then I went to archive.org's MAME 2003-Plus Reference: Full Non-Merged Romsets And got the couple arcade games we wanted to play.

However it was Galaga that really has sunk its hooks into us. Long story short, Tara and I play it almost every day. It's fun. :D

MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

Jun 13th 2019

Current best score: 94770

Jun 20th 2019

Current best score: 95870

Jun 23rd 2019

Current best score: 101620

Jun 23rd 2019

Also yesterday we had some time for a quick date while my Mom watched the kids so we went and played a 10ft Galaga.

This Galaga stuff is getting serious you guys.

Jun 24th 2019

Tara is currently the high score holder in the house at ~120k. She's ruthless! Gotta get better. :)

Also pic of her at the arcade on our date. <3

Jun 30th 2019

Current best score: 123640

Jul 5th 2019

Current best score using glitch: 255910

Jul 6th 2019

Current best score using glitch: 464610