Tim Habersack

Where I put my things..

A nice place to store git repos; allthe.codes

Feb 28th 2019

I have been handed the reigns of the domain allthe.codes, and am in the process of turning a part of a server into a nice little remote #git web interface thing.

I will be attempting to utilize cgit first!

Feb 28th 2019

I am running Debian 9, and it wasn't immediately obvious how to get cgit running.

I found this good piece of reference material that got me to the finish line! Of at least getting it installed. I took what was shared to make my own vhost config for nginx, and eventually that worked. (I am testing it on a different domain before using allthe.codes for it.)

Reading further though.. do I really need to manually edit /etc/cgitrc to add a repo? I wanted this to be a place where people could fairly easily create a new repo. Hm.

Mar 1st 2019

I've done some more testing with cgit, but overall it's a little too barebones for me. I'm going to get #gitea installed instead.

I found in the full list of settings that I can disable all markdown rendering, and can make it so avatars for users are only ones that they upload to the server. It's nice to turn off gravatar!

I'm hoping to have this running in a couple days.

Mar 6th 2019

It took some doing, but I got Gitea running on allthe.codes! I like its featureset, so I think we're good here for a bit. I'll be tying in mailgun later this week, so email notifications and such can go out.