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An old friend finding a new friend

Sep 17th 2019

When I was a baby, I apparently received my first stuffed animal. He was a simple brown bear, and I loved him a lot. I named him 'Yogi' and we were best buddies until I was a young kid. I am very lucky to have so many good memories in my life! And to be honest, he stayed in my room forever growing up, on a shelf or on my bed.

Fast forward 30 years, and I'm married and have three kids. My parents brought over my old stuffed animals for my kids, and my littlest one really connected with Yogi.

"Oogee!" and he reaches out for him, or runs to get him. Sometimes it's like he expects him to answer when he calls. He takes him when we go out, and will point things out to him during drives or walks. "Oogie! Carw! Oogie! Teeeee! (tree)".

I cannot express the well of feelings it makes me feel. Sure, it's just a stuffed animal, just a thing. But it's like I filled it up with love during my whole childhood, and our littlest can sense that or something. And I want to tell him, "This bear right here? You can trust him, he's a kind bear."