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Oct 30th 2019

Breakfast themed socks go with every outfit. #image #file

A staycation, and some music!

Oct 29th 2019

We had a lovely stay-cation last week, and did all sorts of relaxing. It was wonderful.

I even had time to dust off my old tracker brain and write a short song. I used Bosca Ceoil which works well!

The song is called "The Watch Maker" and it's the kind of tune that lives in a music box. I am releasing it as CC0. A friend (hi maiki!) had a suggestion that makes me want to have this be part of a small album. I will start puttering away at that as I'm able!

It was fun to finally get it out of my head, and reminded me I really need to learn #music theory so I can do a better job at writing music. :)


Jun 14th 2019

I've got a little free time now since I don't have to take any of the big kids to school. Caspian and I go for walks in the morning when we can. Today was such a morning. :)

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Mar 25th 2019

Hanging out with my buddies.

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Mar 19th 2019

The #sakura trees in our neighborhood are showing their colors, and they're beautiful!

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Feb 27th 2019

Serious perk of working remotely is the occasional break with our kids. Today our littlest one fell asleep next to me on the couch.

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