Update 2011.07.15
I’ve reposted this from my archive. With all the debt level issues, it seems especially relevant I think.


The system of representative government in the United States has run into a plateau. The politicians that are elected to represent their state or even district have too large a group of citizens to represent. Our population has simply grown too large for this to be an effective method of representation. If a citizen cannot meet his personal representative at least once a year, and talk to them in person to learn about their thoughts on topics, then how can they truly be represented? The result is that the majority of citizens feel like they are out of touch with their government, that our politicians are entirely different creatures than us, and they pretty much do as they please.

There are various ways to fix this. One is to massively increase the number of representatives, though it’s highly possible it will just add to the confusion and slow the process down even more. Another alternative is to fundamentally change the way in which citizens are represented. Utilizing the internets, it is possible to use technology to implement this change.

Simply defined, Self-Representation through Technology (SRT) is a system which allows citizens to either personally vote on every proposed law, bill or act (LBA) Continue reading