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Monday Music; inMomentum

Jan 26th 2015

Morning! Listening to this to power my Monday. It helps me to zone in on what I'm working on.

Sunday Adventure

Jan 25th 2015








Great walk this morning to Albina Coffee with the whole family. Started off quite foggy but ended up being beautiful blue skies on the way home.

fixed some bugs

Jan 25th 2015

I fixed two outstanding bugs for Nickelpinch and also tested an enhanced feature, and it totally works! Marching towards launch.

Loss of focus

Jan 25th 2015

I am working on something, deep in the process. Suddenly, I hit a wall and I need to look up an answer via online documentation, Stack Overflow, etc. I switch apps to my browser, and there it is, all the tabs I had open before. "Oh yeah, that was a neat article I should finish reading that. Oh, this link looks interesting.."

Five minutes later I totally forgot why I left my code editor, and go back to it. "Oh right, I need to look up X." I switch apps to my browser. Sometimes the cycle repeats.

Does this happen to anyone else? I just realized the breakdown is at that moment when you see all your old tabs. What I need is a hotkey to open a new browser window and just use that. I could also close all tabs before leaving the browser, but sometimes I need to go back and reference something.

Either way, it is infuriating.

Passed by

Jan 23rd 2015

So my bus drove by my stop with a 'Drop Off Only' message. Guess everyone wanted to bus in today. At least it's not raining!

Lunch out, and other things

Jan 22nd 2015

Went to lunch with Sven from Forge today. Had some really good conversation on home design, designing for resiliency, etc. A kindred spirit!

Tonight I'm really wanting to finish some debugging with Nickelpinch to get it to v1.0. Seriously and for reals, it is only 2 hrs left.

Once it's done I'm am not sure how I will proceed with it. I know I should revamp nickelpinch.org and update screenshots, etc. That all sounds horrible though.

Documentation is needed. A more accurate and concise "Why this could be helpful for you".

I'll post an update to see what I actually end up doing.

Wings of Saint Nazaire

Jan 21st 2015

Wings of Saint Nazaire is a retro space combat sim in the vein of Wing Commander and X-Wing.

View of the Naziare

I haven't played this yet, but it looks great. I logged thousands of hours in Wing Commander universe and I love that look. Also, I'm wondering if it is easier on the system requirements!

New Day

Jan 21st 2015

I'm going to be posting more on here again. Really pumped for work today! I want today to have epic levels of progress.

Other random thing, I have a tough time determining if what I am writing is a 'Standard' post in WordPress, or just a 'Status' post. I'll just do whatever I think is best. OOh, and now I see the 'Aside' post type. So many options! Totally going to try them all out.

Highest of fives to everyone.


Jan 20th 2015

I've been trying for weeks to write this.

We were friends and at one time housemates, although we hadn't been close really since he moved away. I thought about him all the time, but too busy to send him a note or call, although that would occasionally happen.

He ended his life a couple weeks ago.

I am angry and sad and it is not diminishing. I just can't think about it. When I think of him I am forcing myself to think of a good memory with him; walks to monterey market, playing Magic, watching anime, him always being the scorekeeper and keeping things in gnumeric, his funny way of sitting and crossing his legs when on a couch or floor..

I've been reading a book on Stoicism the last couple months, and had been making a list of questions to ask my illustrious philosopher friend, to see what he thought. Now I can't.

The "what if's" just don't stop. I don't understand why. I do know I could have done more, and by more I mean anything at all.

Jan 20th 2015

Beautiful bus ride home from Forge. Unusually clear skies.

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