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Delicious hot drinks

Nov 21st 2022

Every morning my wife makes me a beautiful, delicious latte, and it is the best thing ever.

I am spoiled.

Sep 23rd 2022

We've been trying to use the indoor pool a lot while we are in VA. It's been fun so far!

< Part of Our Stay in Woodstock, GB
Sep 21st 2022

The Punchbowl, great restaurant + tavern + inn that was a 30 second walk from our place.

Our Stay in Woodstock, GB

Jul 27th 2022

We are currently in Woodstock, England. It is a 10 minute walk to the Blenheim Palace.

Pics will follow! (I had to fix a thing on my blog, but I can upload things again!)


Mar 25th 2022

The sunsets here in Menifee are pretty wonderful.

Mar 21st 2022

Today was a really good workday. Also, wanted to test my update ability here... :)

My hubris was my downfall

Mar 16th 2022

Hello! So, my blog was offline for a month here, just got it back online. And now, what is this.. ~ 4 years of posts are missing? Well, what happened? Like always, it was a problem of my own creation.

  1. Write own blogging engine
  2. Import years of Wordpress content into it
  3. Be so pleased with it that I don't think to ever back up MariaDB, because my system is flawless!
  4. Set up gitea on the same box
  5. Don't pay attention to the fact that many, many repos are getting added
  6. Storage fills up
  7. MariaDB has a heart attack
  8. I don't realize the space issue, and think maybe I just need to restart box. That has 0 bytes free
  9. Restart box, MariaDB corrupts its data when it tries to restart
  10. Figure out it's a space issue, clear space
  11. Try every trick in the book to restore MariaDB data, but hopelessly corrupted
  12. Give up, set up new instance and move everything over

So, my friends let that be a lesson to you. Back up your content! I do sort of have my archives, but I'll need to manually update this to backfill them. So I expect about 1-2 a week.

Setting up Laradock for multiple projects with Nginx

Jun 7th 2020

Laradock is a handy tool. Basically it has a ton of pre-configured docker containers, and you can pick and choose for the dev environment you need. However, every time I set up laradock on a new system I forget how to set up the directories and configure nginx to properly serve them up.

For example, assume directory structure like:


The default env-example (that you copy and rename to .env) has this info at the top:


This means laradock thinks anything in the directory above it is data it should access. Within containers, /var/www points to the host o/s ../, the directory that the laradock directory sits in.

So! When configuring laradocks nginx to have multiple sites, you just point the root accordingly.

For example, assume directory structure like:


In the laradock/nginx/sites directory, you'd cp default.conf project_1.conf. (Or anything, the name of the conf file doesn't matter). Edit the project_1.conf like so:

server_name project_1.test;
root /var/www/project_1;

Now (assuming you've altered your /etc/hosts to have project_1.test), when laradock/nginx serves up the project1 site, it will look at your project1 directory for the content!

Let's say project_2 has a structure in it like:


You'd want nginx to serve up the project_2/public directory.

server_name project_2.test;
root /var/www/project_2/public;

This always trips me up and costs me a little time. Hopefully I'll remember it for next time, and also maybe it will help others.

#laradock #nginx #docker

Getting psf/psf2/spc audio files to play in OSX

Mar 23rd 2018

So, I'm an old man. I love soundtracks from games from older consoles. While yes, you can get mp3s or stream the soundtrack from YouTube, in my opinion the best way is to listen to the original files.

I don't pretend to know how it all works, but talented people can take the game music out of console games into a native-ish format. When you listen to it, the codec basically perfectly recreates the synth/music. For Super Nintendo, it's the spc file. For Playstation 1 and 2, it's a combination of minipsf/psf/psf2 files.

Anyway, I have lots of these original soundtracks. In my Windows OS days long, long ago I would load up WinAmp with all kinds of output plugins to play these kind of media files. Good times.

Then, for various reasons I started using Apple products. There is no WinAmp for OSX, and I could find no way to play my soundtracks of choice. I sighed, grumbled, and moved on.

Then! Then! Like 10 years later I've figured it out, and it's super simple. Audacious is an open-source audio player, and it supports all these older codecs no problem. When you go to their site, it isn't obvious that there's a way to get it to run in OSX, but there is.

You'll need to have Homebrew installed, but you probably should anyway because it's super helpful. Then it's just a matter of:

brew install audacious

And it works!!

Wii Fit is nice.

Jan 10th 2018

I've been starting to do the #Wii Fit Plus almost day.2 yogas, 1 strength and 1 cardio (normally a run). I love it.

Also, living in PNW, seeing that sunny blue sky on the island run really helps with my mood. Yay virtual environments!

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