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An old friend finding a new friend

Sep 17th 2019

When I was a baby, I apparently received my first stuffed animal. He was a simple brown bear, and I loved him a lot. I named him 'Yogi' and we were best buddies until I was a young kid. I am very lucky to have so many good memories in my life! And to be honest, he stayed in my room forever growing up, on a shelf or on my bed.

Fast forward 30 years, and I'm married and have three kids. My parents brought over my old stuffed animals for my kids, and my littlest one really connected with Yogi.

"Oogee!" and he reaches out for him, or runs to get him. Sometimes it's like he expects him to answer when he calls. He takes him when we go out, and will point things out to him during drives or walks. "Oogie! Carw! Oogie! Teeeee! (tree)".

I cannot express the well of feelings it makes me feel. Sure, it's just a stuffed animal, just a thing. But it's like I filled it up with love during my whole childhood, and our littlest can sense that or something. And I want to tell him, "This bear right here? You can trust him, he's a kind bear."

< Part of Family Minecraft
Sep 16th 2019

One thing I am noticing while working on these older laptops is how much I miss some of the features. Dedicated volume buttons! Switch that enables/disables wifi AT THE HARDWARE LEVEL. I love it.

Family Minecraft

Sep 16th 2019

Our big kids are suddenly getting into Minecraft! I'm taking our older Lenovo laptops we had (2009 vintage) and getting Debian on there and turning them into little Minecraft boxes so we can all play together.

I'll be converting one of my Pi's to be a local server for us. I have heard performance is ok for up to 5 players, so we shall see.

Downloading all html links of a certain extension from a web page

Aug 16th 2019

I had reason to download a bunch of PDFs from a website recently and didn't want to click 80+ links.

Here is how I approached it. On the page I opened up the console and ran:

var links =[]; Array.prototype.map. call(document.querySelectorAll("a[href$=\".pdf\"]"), function(e, i){if((links||[]).indexOf(e.href)==-1){ links.push( e.href);} }); console.log('"' + links.join('" "') + '"');

Note the .pdf in there, it was the file extension I was looking for. This gives me back a nice list of urls each in parenthesis. Then I just used wget to fetch them all.

wget "url1" "url2" ...

HT to this SO post that gave me the solution.

MHS - Module Handheld System

Jul 19th 2019

Design. It is not my strong suit, but I can tell when I do not like a design. I happened to be looking at old handheld things because of this post, and I was reminded of design ideals before the Jony Ive Age. Nothing against it, I can get why it appeals to people, but it doesn't appeal to me.

I like design that is more like this:

It feels more substantial and rugged in my hand. If I drop it, it won't instantly shatter. It feels durable. Modern smartphones and handheld gaming devices mostly feel fragile to me. A literal feeling, a response from holding a thing that is basically just a big screen.

I started thinking about designs I like, about user experiences I've found the most durable and 'good' feeling. (Again, totally subjective, but I think I am not alone in this sentiment)

This design really has stood the test of time:

It is rugged. You are using it in your hands and it feels solid. It has edges! You can touch parts and not smudge a screen. Also, it fits in this protective case that also lets you flip it around into a very robust device protection system.

Ok so I like that kind of design, how does that translate?

Into the header image!

Think a TI-86 calculator, but cut into pieces (modules). These modules snap together based on what you want to use, and you slide it into the sturdy case. When you're not using it, pull your stack of modules out, flip it around, and you've got a very well protected device.

I was thinking USB-C (or maybe just USB, or something else) is the bit that snaps them all together. There would also be kind of "click-in" spots on every module so when you push it together it clicks and keeps it connected pretty well. But then, putting the stack into the case gives it that very sturdy structure.

The amount of modules that could be designed for this are endless. A gamepad, touchpad, module that is just a bunch of easy access ports to make this a decent desktop, dedicated big battery module, a screen/cpu that has e-ink, etc.

This could even be a good design for a open-source phone.

The idea is, the screen / CPU module is the 'main' part of the device. You can have it on, and hot swap / change the modules you've got plugged into the stack. Have a break? Cool, pull out your device, swap in the gamepad and do some gaming.

I am not certain of all the technical hurdles, but I think is this doable with today's technology. I would use this every day.

I guess my question is, does this appeal to anyone else?

Our energy usage; 2018 to 2019

Jul 15th 2019

I have been mining the PG&E website account area for our energy usage. I thought it'd be a neat thing to see how much we use, where we could trim usage if need be.

  • Electricity: 1328 Kwh/year
  • Natural Gas: 576 therms/year

The US average is 4401 Kwh/year per person, and when you take into account we have a family of five in a hot area, our number is crazy good! Of course we have a 5Kwh solar setup on our house which goes a LONG way.

According to Carbonfund, our family produces 3.54 tons of CO2 a year. The US average is 25. Yay! I definitely still want to get us to a point where we are generating all our electricity and then using natural gas just for the stove. (It currently is for our water heater too, and our furnace). We'll need more panels, maybe a smidge of wind and an energy storage system, but it's possible.

Jul 11th 2019

The fun I found in video gaming has decreased steadily as graphics became more photo-realistic. Is it a generational thing, because I grew up in a time of sprites-based graphics?

< Part of Galaga
Jul 6th 2019

Current best score using glitch: 464610

< Part of Galaga
Jul 5th 2019

Current best score using glitch: 255910

< Part of Galaga
Jun 30th 2019

Current best score: 123640

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