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3 weeks ago

We took our first all family bike ride this morning. We rode up to Quarry Park and back. It's so wonderfully not-hilly here! We are excited to increase our riding range to go more places.

3 weeks ago

I finally replaced the failing ATT gateway with their replacement. I also installed the TP-Link router I've been waiting to install for months. Next up is setting up my tech bench. Pictures will occur!

Apr 11th 2019

Study something old but not visibly useful (classics), something modern and useful (accounting, coding), never something new and not visibly useful.

From Nassim Nicholas Taleb

Mar 25th 2019

Hanging out with my buddies.

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Mar 19th 2019

The #sakura trees in our neighborhood are showing their colors, and they're beautiful!

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Mar 11th 2019

I was thinking a little bit about older science fiction, like ones involving space travel, exploration, etc.

I miss how these older shows and movies drove home this feeling of.. utter vastness of space. I'm pretty sure it was a fortunate byproduct of just how it was difficult to do effects back then. Now, sure why not throw in hundreds of ships orbiting a planet. But in the 80s? One of these ships would be out there, in the unknown edges of space, and it REALLY felt that way because you hardly ever see anything else.

Interstellar did a great job with this; the crew in that movie feel incredibly isolated.

Anyway, that's my random #space thought of the day.

Mar 11th 2019

It's been a couple rough days over here, had some sick little kiddos. Everyone is mostly better, which is excellent!

I'm looking forward to working on some personal project stuff tonight, and to go to bed early. :)

< Part of A nice place to store git repos; allthe.codes
Mar 6th 2019

It took some doing, but I got Gitea running on allthe.codes! I like its featureset, so I think we're good here for a bit. I'll be tying in mailgun later this week, so email notifications and such can go out.

< Part of A nice place to store git repos; allthe.codes
Mar 1st 2019

I've done some more testing with cgit, but overall it's a little too barebones for me. I'm going to get #gitea installed instead.

I found in the full list of settings that I can disable all markdown rendering, and can make it so avatars for users are only ones that they upload to the server. It's nice to turn off gravatar!

I'm hoping to have this running in a couple days.

Mar 1st 2019

Last night, Tara and I were reminiscing about vhs movie rental places. Like... that used to be a fun event! You'd get your friends, all pile in a car, and drive to Video hut or something. Pick out 2-3 movies for the Friday night, then swing by a pizza place to get a couple pies. Head home, and burn through the movies. That was a fun outing. I kinda miss that.

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