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Our energy usage; 2018 to 2019

Jul 15th 2019

I have been mining the PG&E website account area for our energy usage. I thought it'd be a neat thing to see how much we use, where we could trim usage if need be.

  • Electricity: 1328 Kwh/year
  • Natural Gas: 576 therms/year

The US average is 4401 Kwh/year per person, and when you take into account we have a family of five in a hot area, our number is crazy good! Of course we have a 5Kwh solar setup on our house which goes a LONG way.

According to Carbonfund, our family produces 3.54 tons of CO2 a year. The US average is 25. Yay! I definitely still want to get us to a point where we are generating all our electricity and then using natural gas just for the stove. (It currently is for our water heater too, and our furnace). We'll need more panels, maybe a smidge of wind and an energy storage system, but it's possible.

Jul 11th 2019

The fun I found in video gaming has decreased steadily as graphics became more photo-realistic. Is it a generational thing, because I grew up in a time of sprites-based graphics?

< Part of Galaga
Jul 6th 2019

Current best score using glitch: 464610

< Part of Galaga
Jul 5th 2019

Current best score using glitch: 255910

< Part of Galaga
Jun 30th 2019

Current best score: 123640

< Part of Galaga
Jun 24th 2019

Tara is currently the high score holder in the house at ~120k. She's ruthless! Gotta get better. :)

Also pic of her at the arcade on our date. <3

< Part of Galaga
Jun 23rd 2019

Also yesterday we had some time for a quick date while my Mom watched the kids so we went and played a 10ft Galaga.

This Galaga stuff is getting serious you guys.

< Part of Galaga
Jun 23rd 2019

Current best score: 101620

< Part of Galaga
Jun 20th 2019

Current best score: 95870

Jun 14th 2019

I've got a little free time now since I don't have to take any of the big kids to school. Caspian and I go for walks in the morning when we can. Today was such a morning. :)

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