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My hubris was my downfall

Mar 16th 2022

Hello! So, my blog was offline for a month here, just got it back online. And now, what is this.. ~ 4 years of posts are missing? Well, what happened? Like always, it was a problem of my own creation.

  1. Write own blogging engine
  2. Import years of Wordpress content into it
  3. Be so pleased with it that I don't think to ever back up MariaDB, because my system is flawless!
  4. Set up gitea on the same box
  5. Don't pay attention to the fact that many, many repos are getting added
  6. Storage fills up
  7. MariaDB has a heart attack
  8. I don't realize the space issue, and think maybe I just need to restart box. That has 0 bytes free
  9. Restart box, MariaDB corrupts its data when it tries to restart
  10. Figure out it's a space issue, clear space
  11. Try every trick in the book to restore MariaDB data, but hopelessly corrupted
  12. Give up, set up new instance and move everything over

So, my friends let that be a lesson to you. Back up your content! I do sort of have my archives, but I'll need to manually update this to backfill them. So I expect about 1-2 a week.