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JPEF Magic!

Nov 16th 2011

Links to the code first!

Github: http://github.com/timbotron/JPEF-Magic

What is JPEF Magic, you ask?

JPEF (Javascript, PHP, Email Form) Magic is a package which handles email forms in an elegant and simple manner. Essentially, it lets you add email forms to your site and deploy addition email forms down the road much quicker then creating each one from scratch.

Notable features..

  • Consolidation; instead of validation and post-processing on each form page, handled with one file
  • Email generated has full text from questions on form
  • Settings for email processing (Email Subject, From, etc) are handled in hidden inputs on form
  • After success, passes all the email body to the 'on success' page you've set up
  • Allows you to have one "Form submitted successfully" page, with the users info displayed.

Why did I make it?

I come across this need all the time. I always think, "Oh I'll just throw a form together." but after you take care of the php to mail it, error checking, it does take time. Couple that with the fact I hate using the name value in emails as the question. I wanted a way to just have the exact language of the question on the form be what was included in the email, with minimal duplication by me. Hence, JPEF Magic was born.

Check out the demo at: http://lab.citracode.com/jpef_magic/